Solar Decathlon 2013 – Orange County Great Park

Flux Home University of Southern California USC

CLICK HERE   See the Flux House in Ojai **** an internationally, renowned, architect moves the 2013 Solar Decathlon Flux Home to Ojai, CA

The Solar Decathlon  is a very cool event – a college competition to build solar homes.  Usually in Washington, DC – last year the 2013 Solar Decathlon exhibit was in Orange County, California for the first time.  Although I follow the event every year – this year I went to see the houses.

They say architects are at their best when they are old – experienced.  This truth exists but there is something really fun, fresh and appealing about these college students taking on the task of building a home – an efficient and new style of home.

  • lots of shed roofs
  • passive solar design using shading
  • open and flexible plans
  • solar systems


The Decathlon was held at the former El Toro  Marine Air Base – which is being transformed into “Great Park” – at 4700 acre real estate development – CLICK HERE for more info

A runway of cool houses …

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Ojai Recycled Modern Modular Green Home – How Green Can you Get?

Ojai modern greenmodular home

This home showed up on my street today – by way of the 2013 Solar Decathlon that exhibited last  fall in Orange County California !  I saw it there myself.

Just down the street from my home in Ojai – a renowned architect owns a beautiful piece of property.  For years I have been wondering what he would do.  Today as I drove down the street, I found three tractor trailers with chunks of house on each one.

Ojai modern greenmodular home

By filling a small drainage ditch and placing heavy steel plates over the earth, a 16 ton fork lift was able to move the three trailer loads on to the property.  There they sit waiting to be joined.

Ojai modern greenmodular home


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This’ll blow your hair back! Solar Decathlon 2011

Its Solar Decathlon time again ! 

I love this annual competition.  Crazy ideas – experimental – cutting edge – out of the box (as they say!) – weird – fun – they say if you want to learn and be creative – you should take things apart – turn them upside down – backwards – shatter ideas and then put it all together.  Well that’s what they do here.  Watch all 20 of the competitors entries and I guarantee you will get an education.  Watch with an open mind and remember – we are looking for new stuff here!

Press play to watch the SCI-Arc video.  Right in my  back yard – SCI-Arc is cutting edge and a little bit Hollywood too!

Solar Decathlon Teams

The 20 university-led teams that design, build, and operate the competition’s solar-powered houses are the heart of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. Learn more about each of these teams competing in Solar Decathlon 2011: Continue reading “This’ll blow your hair back! Solar Decathlon 2011”

Show Us Your Projects ! – Bio Diverse Farm – Super Green Building

This amazing project caught my eye !  Just check out the spec’s … containers – green houses – graywater – gardens – solar – Bert calls this the “Bio Diverse Farm” – check it out

Click on photos to enlarge

Send us your projects!


Hi Otis

This Design project might interest you. The main points are:


Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia

2 acre plot, gentle slope to SE

Winters Wet, Summer very dry limited ground water

Climatic zone 6-8

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You should watch this … Best Presentation on Energy Global Warming

This guy Nathan Lewis is fascinating. 

If you want a better understanding on the global energy picture and global warming, I highly recommend you watch this presentation.

The first lecture ….. “JPL von Kármán Lecture Series Feb 2008”

Note: if you don’t have the video player “RealPlayer” you will need to download it and there is a link to do so – which is simple.

Presentation Abstract

This presentation describes and evaluates the technical, political, and economic challenges involved with widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies.

First, we estimate the available fossil fuel resources and reserves based on data from the World Energy Assessment and World Energy Council. In conjunction with the current and projected global primary power production rates, we then estimate the remaining years of supply of oil, gas, and coal for use in primary power production. We then compare the price per unit of energy of these sources to those of renewable energy technologies (wind, solar thermal, solar electric, biomass, hydroelectric, and geothermal) to evaluate the degree to which supply/demand forces stimulate a transition to renewable energy technologies in the next 20-50 years. Continue reading “You should watch this … Best Presentation on Energy Global Warming”

In Search of the Ultimate Green Home – Paqtagonia- Ventura Today


THE California Central Coast Chapter of the U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL

Presents:  Otis Bradley
In Search of the Ultimate Green Home

Custom home builder Otis Bradley of the Otis Bradley Company and will be leading an interactive dialogue about the path to “net-zero” homes at the monthly meeting of the U.S. Green Building Council C4 Chapter on Monday, January 24th at 5:30pm.  This meeting is open to the public and is held in the Patagonia Fire House at 280 W. Main Street, Ventura.  Infusing his inquisitiveness, vast industry knowledge, and a healthy sense of humor, and using the design and construction of his own recently completed home as a jumping off point, Otis will guide the group through an interactive dialogue about the future of homebuilding in our new “Green” reality.  Be prepared for an offbeat and spirited exchange of ideas.

Otis currently owns and operates Otis Bradley Company, Inc.,, a California Custom Home building business.  Otis also runs webinars about Green construction at, where he blogs regularly about a variety of green topics.

The presentation takes place at the Patagonia Firehouse Building, 280 W. Main Street in downtown Ventura on Monday, January 24th, 2010 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.   The monthly meetings are free and open to the public.

Our next presentation will be on Monday, February 28th.

For more information, please call (805) 218-2254, or visit the C4 website at 


PS For those of you that can’t make it watch for the replay to be posted here on     

2011 Green Home Building Predictions

Tiger Woods will win in 2011 !  

Gotta  love New Year’s lists … what happened … and what will. 
I’m betting the Golf Magazine’s forecast will come true – what about Green Home Building?

Eight Green Predictions

1.  Green Green Green

You’ll continue to hear less  –  Green – Green – Green.  People will become more “Green” with less of the Flash and Bling.  Green will become the Norm!  Coloring a cleaning liquid green won’t fool us anymore – we know more about what’s good for us. What happened to all the Hollywood Stars who were “Green” a couple of years ago?   I’m glad it’s not so fashionable but hope it doesn’t stop being COOL.    

2.  Lawyers Guns and Money

The Real Estate Crash cut off one arm of the Green Warrior – “It’s only a flesh wound !!”  Spending money on building and remodeling virtually disappeared over the last year.   If not the bottom – we are at 90% of the price reductions on real estate prices.   The massive backlog of homes will continue to be absorbed.  Banks – or others – will start lending more money…. and the real estate market will slowly start to turn around!   And … Green practices will be  a big part of the turnaround! Continue reading “2011 Green Home Building Predictions”