Show Us Your Projects ! – Bio Diverse Farm – Super Green Building

This amazing project caught my eye !¬† Just check out the spec’s … containers – green houses – graywater – gardens – solar – Bert calls this the “Bio Diverse Farm” – check it out

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Send us your projects!


Hi Otis

This Design project might interest you. The main points are:


Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia

2 acre plot, gentle slope to SE

Winters Wet, Summer very dry limited ground water

Climatic zone 6-8

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8 Facts – Water Sense EPA – Green Building Program

Today I listened to an hour long webinar from the EPA on their new Water Sense program.

Here’s the top 8 things I learned…

  1. Between 1950 and 2000 US population doubled and water usage tripled
  2. 36 States are expecting water shortages
  3. Water usage ranges between 100 and 350 gallons per day
  4. $500 Billion is needed over 20 years to upgrade water infastructure
  5. Leaks could add up to 1 Trillion gallons per year – fix em !
  6. 70% of water used indoors 30% outdoors
  7. 50% of outdoor water wasted
  8. Look for the “Water Sense” label on your products

Rainwater Harvesting

Brad Lancaster is an author, lecturer and practioner of Green Building practices with an exceptional knowledge of Rain Water Harvesting.

I heard him lecture in Ojai a few years ago and he changed my thinking of how to work with the land !

You can buy his books here!