Solar Decathlon 2013 – Orange County Great Park

Flux Home University of Southern California USC

CLICK HERE   See the Flux House in Ojai **** an internationally, renowned, architect moves the 2013 Solar Decathlon Flux Home to Ojai, CA

The Solar Decathlon  is a very cool event – a college competition to build solar homes.  Usually in Washington, DC – last year the 2013 Solar Decathlon exhibit was in Orange County, California for the first time.  Although I follow the event every year – this year I went to see the houses.

They say architects are at their best when they are old – experienced.  This truth exists but there is something really fun, fresh and appealing about these college students taking on the task of building a home – an efficient and new style of home.

  • lots of shed roofs
  • passive solar design using shading
  • open and flexible plans
  • solar systems


The Decathlon was held at the former El Toro  Marine Air Base – which is being transformed into “Great Park” – at 4700 acre real estate development – CLICK HERE for more info

A runway of cool houses …

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Ojai Recycled Modern Modular Green Home – How Green Can you Get?

Ojai modern greenmodular home

This home showed up on my street today – by way of the 2013 Solar Decathlon that exhibited last  fall in Orange County California !  I saw it there myself.

Just down the street from my home in Ojai – a renowned architect owns a beautiful piece of property.  For years I have been wondering what he would do.  Today as I drove down the street, I found three tractor trailers with chunks of house on each one.

Ojai modern greenmodular home

By filling a small drainage ditch and placing heavy steel plates over the earth, a 16 ton fork lift was able to move the three trailer loads on to the property.  There they sit waiting to be joined.

Ojai modern greenmodular home


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Earthships – Green, Cheap and Cool

If you haven’t heard of Earthships – check out this video !

I first became aware of Earthships in Rico Colorado years ago.  They’re unique like no other home.  Even if they are not for you – there is lots to be learned by the study Michael Reynolds has done over the years.