Craftsman Love – The Gamble House

I have to admit – I am a Gamble addict.  Gamble House, that is.  Today I toured the house for the 6th time and I’ll go again one day.  Built in 1908 for the the Gambles (Proctor and Gamble), the home was designed by Henry and Charles Greene.

Described by today’s tour guide as a Swiss Chalet with Japanese influence in the Craftsman style.   This home, along with Falling Water and a few others, is one of the most important examples of high concept design in the United States.  If you are into homes – you must see the Gamble house !

The “attic” framing – apparently only used for storage – check out the detail in this room – the clear grain lumber – Port Orford Cedar – cloud lift on the king post, pegs, steel straps, splines, eased edges


The framing on this house provides structural and finish at the same time

The exterior framing is just as impressive – each and every beam is treated as a finished piece of wood, carved, shaped, eased, pegged and fitted – much like a ship

The Greenes also designed gorgeous furniture throughout the house – this master bedroom detail using the “tsuba” (from the shape of the guard on a Samurai sword) in ebony and the abstraction of an iris flower.

Silver inlay on chair