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This amazing project caught my eye !  Just check out the spec’s … containers – green houses – graywater – gardens – solar – Bert calls this the “Bio Diverse Farm” – check it out

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Hi Otis

This Design project might interest you. The main points are:


Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia

2 acre plot, gentle slope to SE

Winters Wet, Summer very dry limited ground water

Climatic zone 6-8

Main buildings:

North wall berm

Structure: containers, Exterior wall surface board & batton cladding, interior wall surface gyprock

Flat green roof on containers runoff to grey water tank under lower level greenhouses, 15,000 imp gal converted refer container.

3/12 metal roof over centre room, runoff to fresh water tank between north wall and berm, 15,000 gal., 40′ x8′ x 9’6″ high cube container.

Shop 16×40 green roof runoff to grey water tank.

Wood drying shed, open post and beam, 4/12 metal roof, runoff to grey water tank.

Compost storage CMU walls filled and reinforsed ( front loader resistant. )

Carport dry work area translucent roof, runoff to grey water tank.

Subsurface perimiter drains, runoff direct to pond.



Research to left of enterance off study. Some plant material from tissue culture lab in basement.

Kitchen to right off dinning room

Bedding plant production on roof access over berm and interior stairs.

Production 10 – 20’x40′ polytunnels



Outside wood boiler, north of shop

Wood stoves in greatroom and shop

Radiant floor heat in containers

Demand propane hotwater heater

Greywater tank 40′ container

Surplus heat storage 80-100 d.

Domestic hot water preheat tank, 250 gal used propane tank immersted in greywater.

Radiant floor heating off peak tank, 250 gal used propane tank immersted in grey water, parallel circulating pump

Main water management resevoir

Overflow is treated in the reed beds to the east and west of the sunken garden, then to the pond.



4- 480 watt tracking solar panel arrays

600-1,000 watt wind generator ( wind status to be site dependant )

2- 3,000 watt inverters ( to supply both 120 and 240 volts)

Total storage 30KW hours to 50% drawdown 15KW hours (12- 2 volt 1500 AH deep cycle cells )

Supplemental 6-12KW propane generator, north of shop.

Aim is to be off grid


4- toilets greywater flush to septic field

Composting toilets ( one in basement to eliminate lift pump) one in shop.

Urinal in shop to recover nutrients for compost bins

Green compost

Wood; chip for path maintenence.

non-organic recycle (plastic, glass, masonry metal etc. )


Organic vegatable and non-commercial variety plant sales, organic gardening research and training.

10- Polytunnels ( 3 with radiant heated beds; return line to wood boiler, for 4 season production )

Plant trial raised beds in front of glass green houses.

40- 10′ x 10′ portable raised production and training beds ( Brake-down constuction for off season tillage and enhancement )

Sunken garden

Micro climatic zone for heat loving plants and mother plants for tissue propogation.

Soft friuts and grapes espalier on south facing slope.

Pond for water plants and fish. Bog garden on outflow SE corner with gate to control pond level.

Multi-variety grafted dwarf friut trees in NE corner

Organic chickens in movable coops ( move length of coop each day when you collect the eggs ) in extreme weather move to poly tunnel.

Weekend farmgate sales of oganic produce and nursery plants in first poly tunnel.

That is enough for now. I am a 70 year old who designs for fun; if a project or consultation becomes work (deadline, schedule, time intensive, travel, boring, repedative etc. ) I will charge for my time


Bert is a Canadian !  He uses Chief Architect to create these drawings.
Reach him here