The Workshops

In ye ol days … craft guilds used the “apprenticeship program” to teach skilled work.

Home building these days has become so specialized that many who help build houses only know a very narrow scope of the work.

If you are building or remodeling a home – you’ll want to know how to get what you want and “” is tailored to help you learn.

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Bungalow Remodel 101


Solar Photovoltaic Basics



How to Start Your Project



Our Green House – The Full Video


Our Green House Video


The Green Building Sessions


Green Building Sessions

  • 12 multimedia video classes
  • Learn how to build a “green” house from start to finish
  • Learn how to build your ultimate house from start to finish
  • Good for any custom home project


Container Homes Video


Video Container Homes

  • Everyone loves container homes – one of our most popular topics
  • Learn what containers are – typical sizes and construction
  • How to put together as a house
  • Lots of cool examples

The Ultimate House


The Ultimate House Video


The Earthship Sessions


The Earthship Sessions

  • Learn all about the Earthship
  • Construction Methods
  • Tour the Earthship City


The Portland Sessions


  • Green Building Lessons from Portland
  • Tour several Green Homes
  • Hood River Bonus Session



How to Build your House …. Coming Soon !

How to Remodel, Rehab or Restore your House

Design 101  …. Coming Soon !



Building Methods …. Coming Soon !


– Insulated Concrete Forms ICFs
– Structural Insulated Panels SIPS

Landscaping …. Coming Soon !


– Pools
– Hardscape
-Planting and Irrigation

Interior Design and Architecture  …. Coming Soon !