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In ye ol days … craft guilds used the “apprenticeship program” to teach skilled work.

If you are building or remodeling a home – you’ll want to know how to get what you want and “” is tailored to help you learn.

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What can I expect from theultimatehouse?
The primary thing you can expect is to have fun and to learn a lot, thanks to the fact you’ll be gaining access to lots of great video instruction at a really low price.  Topics will vary , but there will be something for everyone and we’ll be continuously augmenting the programs based on your requests.


Do I need any special software or hardware to access the classes?
No, our videos are available on your PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or iPhone. However, you might enjoy the videos on a larger screen than your phone.


Can I watch the classes or recordings from an iPad or other mobile device?


Will I be able to give feedback and input for future classes?
Yes, absolutely. We very much want to make this offering wonderful for all of our members. Please send suggestions to theultimatehouse100(at)


How will I be billed for the subscription?
PayPal will automatically bill you the $19.95 subscription rate each month, on the day you first activated your account.


How do I unsubscribe and is there any penalty?
There is no penalty whatsoever. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking below. Your subscription will stay active for a full 30 days from the time of your last payment.


What if I have another question that hasn’t been answered above?
Please write to us at theultimatehouse100(at) [Note: You’ll have to turn the (at) into an @. We’re trying to make sure the only emails that go to that address are from real live human beings like you who want to find out all about theultimatehouse, as opposed to getting spammed by bots crawling web pages looking for email addresses.]

What if I want to unsubscribe ?
If you have a paid subscription – just click the button below.