Eclectic Design? What’s your Style ?

May 28, 2014

Ok – what makes us love one style and not another? Tradition ? Color ? Functionality ? Form follows function ? You grew up with it ? You just plain like it ? This home belongs to my friend Brian – a cabinet maker – business man – father – husband – into radio controlled […]

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Build with ICF’s Insulated Concrete Forms

May 19, 2014

Have you checked out ICF’s ? Why would you want to build your house from ICFs ? super strong super insulated super quiet thick walls insect resistant fire resistant CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FREE VIDEOS This is a different type of ICF block called Rastra or Performwall

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Land Buying Hell ? Don’t get trapped – 7 things you need to check out!

April 25, 2014

Buying land is different than buying a home.  You might be thinking “Duhhh,” however you wouldn’t believe some of the situations I have seen,  particularly when the land is in an outlying area and not attached to town or city infrastructure. Here’s one story I hear all the time. “Well we were visiting from LA […]

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Solar Decathlon 2013 – Orange County Great Park

April 10, 2014

Flux Home University of Southern California USC CLICK HERE   See the Flux House in Ojai **** an internationally, renowned, architect moves the 2013 Solar Decathlon Flux Home to Ojai, CA The Solar Decathlon  is a very cool event – a college competition to build solar homes.  Usually in Washington, DC – last year the 2013 Solar […]

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Los Angeles’ Most Expensive Home $102 Million

April 2, 2014

The Ultimate House ?  If you go by dollars alone … this is it in Los Angeles.  50,000 square feet !  An acre is 43,560 square feet.  That’s a lot of house to run around in! But it’s only the second most expensive!  This home in Woodside California was sold in 2012 for $117 m. […]

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Ojai Recycled Modern Modular Green Home – How Green Can you Get?

March 25, 2014

This home showed up on my street today – by way of the 2013 Solar Decathlon that exhibited last  fall in Orange County California !  I saw it there myself. Just down the street from my home in Ojai – a renowned architect owns a beautiful piece of property.  For years I have been wondering […]

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White Walls – Black Roof – Best Architectural Style for your Home ???

February 3, 2014

White house, black gabled roof, multi paned windows, throw in a few cute dormers.  On the inside you will have the traditional layout of living room, dining room, expanded kitchen slash family room.  The floors will be dark stained hardwood and the walls will be versions of white.  Is this your fantasy home ?  The […]

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New Green Fireplace ! Rumford Style with glass door that works!

October 6, 2011

So you still want a real fireplace but can’t handle the trade off of what it does to your green building?  We all love fireplaces but in most buildings they are a horrible energy suck ! Sucks out the conditioned air – even with the best glass doors (which are alway ugly) Pollutes the environment Leaky […]

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Shipping Container Homes

June 28, 2011

Shipping Containers – there’s millions of em – floating around – literally!   It is estimated that thousands of these things are lost at sea every year ! But these relatively cheap, strong, box structures are turning into some pretty cool homes. Everything from the shack below … To three story urban homes – this one […]

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This’ll blow your hair back! Solar Decathlon 2011

May 10, 2011

Its Solar Decathlon time again !  I love this annual competition.  Crazy ideas – experimental – cutting edge – out of the box (as they say!) – weird – fun – they say if you want to learn and be creative – you should take things apart – turn them upside down – backwards – […]

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