Renewable Energy from Floating Bouys !

This is interesting … these guys claim to have a bouy type device that can produce energy cheaper than coal !

Unlimited renewable energy that’s grid-ready and cheaper than coal
About this idea:
We have designed a hydrokinetic electrical power generation device that is simple, inexpensive, low-maintenance and durable. We estimate that it will generate electricity at 1.5 cents/kWh, versus 3.0 cents/kWh for coal and 3-40 cents/kWh for existing renewables. And, this technology can scale without limit.

Can Retrofits Help Us Get Off Oil? YES !!

Remember the summer of 2008? There was a gas price spike that made some question our lack of coherent national energy policy but caused others to double down and chant “Drill Baby Drill”?

About that time, we took a look at all the oil said to be under the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) in comparison to the amount of oil that could remain unburned in the surprising number of homes across the country that use some form of oil as a primary heating source (over 14 million!) in a fact sheet. The conclusions were what you might expect – efficiency is faster and cheaper and doesn’t needlessly risk the economy of the gulf coast states. Continue reading “Can Retrofits Help Us Get Off Oil? YES !!”

Real Estate Scam or Green Building ?

Land for Sale Cheap – Lake Havasu Estates !

This was the ad for land in this Arizona desert – just off Route 66.  It was a scam – cause they weren’t near any lakes nor estates.  The advertising showed happy people water skiing in their happy lives in the sun drenched land of Arizona.  It didn’t take long before the scam was shut down but lots of people lost some bucks!

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Earthship Visit ! The Ultimate Green Home Building Technique?

Just pulled into “The Greater World Earthship Community”  15 miles outside of Taos New Mexico.  Driving in from the north through the high desert – it wasn’t hard to spot the Earthship community.  Lumps of ground on the north side and very organic shaped, curvelinear, buildings appear on the south. 

Earthship Taos NM Mountains

Luke Skywalker on Planet Tatooine wisked up in his hovercraft to welcome me ! Continue reading “Earthship Visit ! The Ultimate Green Home Building Technique?”