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Got a project – need another set of eyes and ears? My name is Otis Bradley, I’ve been designing and building homes for over 40 years.
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#1 Initial Chat and Review – Free

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Are you buying, remodeling or building new? … you’re probably making a pretty significant investment. Upfront help is invaluable.

# 2 Deep Dive

Let’s take a look at your project and find out how to help you move it in the direction you want it to go !
No perfect method exists for everyone. Yours is a “custom home,” never done before or again! Maybe time is your driving motivation – how do I get it done fast? Maybe it’s money ? Or, maybe all you care about is getting the highest quality home you can build.

# 3 Review and Analyze – Ongoing Assistance

Some clients can benefit with ongoing assistance. Often called “owner representation,” I have worked on addition projects as well as second homes which are often in resort areas such as the beaches of Hawaii or mountains of Colorado. An “extra set of eyes” can help keep a project on track and on budget.

#4 Problem Resolution

I’ve been on both sides of the fence many times – as a builder/contractor to an owner’s representative, as a tradesman and an owner, with first time homeowners to billionaire clients.

Are you stuck?
Maybe I can help.

Why me ?

I bought my first home at the age of 25, in Newport, Rhode Island. My buddy, Mike, and I paid $52,000 in 1982 for a “two family” home. We fixed it up and sold it a couple of years later for $85,000.  Thought we were geniuses!  I went on to purchase another 17 homes   before I moved to California in 1990. Since then I’ve built and rebuilt homes for everyone from billionaires to extremely poor people in Mexico. I’ve built new homes on mountaintops, modern homes in Los Angeles, Spanish, Craftsman, Ranch and “no style” homes. I’ve “placed” concrete, framed, dry-walled, tiled, plumbed, finish carpentry, welded and just about everything else. I can drive backhoes, excavators and bulldozers. I’ve run projects for the highest end home builders and operated on my own business as a design builder. I learned how to create architectural plans in 10th grade and continued with graduate studies at UCLA – University of California Los Angeles.

In short … I’ve had a lot of experience building homes. I hope I can help you!