How to choose your Fireplace

Zillions of options for fireplaces these days – what works for you? We discuss options and advantages of three main types – masonry – pre fabricated and direct vent.

The Gamble House

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The Gamble House – Pasadena, California

The Gamble House

If you get a chance – visit the Gamble House.
It’s in Pasadena, about an hour outside of Los Angeles. The home, built in 1909, for David and Mary Gamble (he was the heir to the founder of the Proctor and Gamble company) is an amazing example of Craftsman architecture. The home was designed by Greene and Greene, the architectural firm of brothers, Charles and Henry, at the height of their career.

The home is now owned by USC (University of Southern California) and is open for tours. I think I’ve been 8 times. You feel like you are inside an antique cabinet.

Entering the house you see this amazing staircase to your right.

The Gamble House staircase

Strapping detail holding beams together

The Gamble House beam detail and iron strap

Pairs of casement windows with extended sill and lintel

The Gamble House window detail

Exterior details of the exposed, carved and finished structural timbers

The Gamble House beam mortise and tenon detail

Bungalow / Ranch Remodel

Remodeled !

Bungalow_remodel finish2



Below are the new and existing plans. Most of the older homes have lots of tiny rooms. The are also usually oriented to the front yard and most people would rather have a more open kitchen / living space that opens up to the back yard.

Opening the house to the back yard and creating a kitchen / living room

The tiny old kitchen opened up to become a new one!

This typical, 800 square foot, post WW2, suburban house in Los Angeles was about as plain as they come. Check out the video story – above – detailing the design – construction and finishes for this home published in Finehomebuilding !

Finehomebuilding Ranch Remodel